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By: Dylan Dolson, Sales Representative

What makes the waters of Tobermory look like the Caribbean?!

Tags: Tobermory

Tobermory is the diving capital of Canada and is fortunate enough to be the home of two National Parks, Bruce Peninsula Park and Fathom Five National Marine Park. Having worked for both parks years ago, ond of the most common questions I was asked is "How is the water so clear? It looks like the Caribbean!" While it is easy to overcomplicate the answer and talk about which light wavelen...Read More

By: Team Urbanek

Moving Out vs. Staying Put for a Kitchen Remodel

Tags: Kitchen Reno

Most homeowners are choosing to stay in their homes during a remodel, according to the 2019 U.S. Houzz Kitchen Trends Study. While that might sound like a recipe for high blood pressure, in fact a greater share of those who moved out of their homes reported extreme stress during the remodel compared with those who stayed put, according to the study. Knowles Design Where Do Homeowner...Read More

By: Team Urbanek

Cannabis... Let’s get real:

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One of the best articles I have read on Cannabis and your rights was written by Mark Wiseleder. A brilliant lawyer and excellent resource; I’d like to share his insight in today’s blog…. Lawyer Mark Weisleder says that after giving several seminars about the new Cannabis Act, “It seems to me that most are fearing the worst, instead of just working towards common sense sol...Read More

By: Team Urbanek

It’s the Living Room…or is it?

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As a realtor I am always fascinated about the weird and wonderful bits of information that make up and surround the way we live today and how it evolved into what we think of as “Normal”. So naturally, when I come across an interesting piece of information I love to share it. Recently I found out why we call the front room in our homes the “Living Room”. You see, many year...Read More

By: Team Urbanek


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Some of the more frequent things I hear when selling properties on the Bruce Peninsula: “What is EH?”or “I hear it’s bad to purchase a property with an EH zoning!” Well, let’s clear it up… EH stands for Environmental Hazard. Now, I know normally the word “Hazard” makes us worry or quickly turn the other way. However an EH zoning on a property...Read More

By: Team Urbanek

Where has the time gone?!

Tags: /

As I sit here waiting to write my exam for “Principals Of Appraisals” I can’t help but look back over my real estate career and wonder… Where has the time gone? More than 10 years ago I popped my head up from my 60+ hrs a week job as a Sr. Project Manager and vaguely recognised the weird and wonderful people living in my house. They assured me they were family but I was n...Read More